Network marketing, also known as Direct Selling or Multi-Level Marketing, is ideal for people looking for a part-time and flexible business opportunity, while being provided fantastic financial gains and the superior tax benefits of self-employment.

By using the practice of networking and establishing connections within the industry, independent agents create growth through the distribution of goods and services that they believe in.

Why Should I Start Network Marketing?

"Many people’s first reaction is: “I’m no good at selling".

Let’s take a look at an example to show you just how easy it is.

Before our president, Claudio Pogliari, got into the industry, he was suffering from an assortment of ailments ranging from migraines to knee pains.

After being pointed to a hot herbal beverage from a company named "Gano Excel", he was floored by the pain relief and healing properties this product provided. After referring some friends to buy this product, he discovered an idea called Network Marketing and he realized how much money he could have made if he had referred them as a Network Marketer. Since that day, he has not looked back and has made money on every product recommendation he has ever made. It is that easy.

Starting out with a small investment, you will soon see staggering levels of financial reward and personal freedom; mostly through what we call "residual income". In simpler terms, it’s the ability to earn money over and over again by doing the work once. Compare it to an artist that records a song once, and is paid royalties every time it’s played.

By completing some initial set up and networking, you can reap the rewards for years to come!

Who We Are And How We Got Started

Our first introduction into Network Marketing came about 30 years ago. And while we eventually moved away from it for a bit, as the industry was unregulated at the time and rife with illegal schemes, we were drawn back in as the industry had evolved into a profitable, but more importantly, ethical business.

Upon our re-entry into the market, we quickly realized that the structure and support in legitimate Multi-Level Marketing companies had finally changed for the better. The support system and the compensation plans had improved dramatically to help even the beginners see results almost immediately.

What Can "Let's Create Wealth" Do For Me?

We will help and assist you in building your business, leveraging your time to help you create the best possible growth and profits.

Through our foothold in the industry and the multitude of connections we have built along the way, you will be given access to a large and already established network in which your venture can thrive.

And while our main connections lie in the industries of travel, relationship marketing, health and wellness, legal advice and eco-friendly home products, our referral network stretches far beyond that!

What Support Will I Receive?

Although you are a solopreneur when you work in network marketing, you will be part of a team of other solopreneurs ready to support, encourage and help each other grow and succeed.

As well, our Network Marketing experts are readily available to guide you through whatever you might need.

With a support system in place, and a network of distributors and influencers in the industry at your disposal, all it takes is you to say “YES” to the life you have always wanted.

Let's Network

Are you looking for a product or service to help you in your buy or personal life? Feel free to browse through these links of amazing products and services from my fellow business associates! It’s my way of giving back for all the help they’ve given me over the years! The list will be updated regularly, so stop by again!



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Become an Author


Web Design


Youth Empowerment


Self Development


Holistic Personal Training


Reduce Pain and Discomfort


What Has Changed About Network Marketing?

Unlike the early "Wild West" days of Direct Selling, the industry is now comprehensively governed by the Direct Selling Association (DSA), a government agency that regulates that all such companies follow strict guidelines in their operations.

With regulations and ethics ingrained in its framework, Network Marketing has skyrocketed to the #1 earning industry in the world.

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